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Electric waves, spark, a reality of hope.
A life to steal away, or grow for endless days!
The dreams of youth, the joy it brings
The sight of blind, to see all things

The bug that crawls, the shine in light
The unknown noises in the night
The places heard, but never been
The things they say, and do not mean

The stories, games, inside their minds
The energy to end all kind
The book in front, the teacher speaks
The lessons soak, then spring a leak

The world to close, the birds they sing
How could they learn a single thing?
You take this child, bring them back

Show them, teach them, seeing fact
Attention span
Tell them to be all they can

The child bends and does the work
The learning grows, and even perks
Ideas enter, growing words
The difference between nouns and verbs

Grades improve, the future's bright
The child excels with all her might
A doctor, lawyer, Grande marquee
For education is the key

Happy now, as I should be
I guided her to destiny
Gave her tools to get through
Watched her as her knowledge grew

But what now of that child within?
The one who looked at clouds that grin?
How do I tell my only one
The things I did, can't be undone.

That when she comes past my now age
The search begins to turn a page
To find the child deep inside
And tell her that she shouldn't hide

Copyright © 2000, Trina Zacharias