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Tooth Fairy

I lay my head down
Eyes squeezed tight
I know she is coming
Tonight is the night

I know she'll come
When I'm asleep
Too excited,
Open lids do creep

When can I see her?
Why does she come?
What does she look like?
Where is she from?

I bet she's a fairy
I bet she has wings
And works every night
To humming she sings

Under my pillow
The trophy awaits
Folded in satin
Fingers the gates

The beam of daylight
Awakens my rest
I stretch and I yawn
Pull up my nest

I jump to a sit
And fumble around
Rip up the pillow
What have I found?

Silver and Gold
Waiting for me
Mine for the taking
Delighted with glee

I stop and look down
At the coin in my hand
The tears well inside
Lashes now fanned

Gone is my pearl
I wonder its fate
She came and I slept
Missing our date

Grief and great sorrow
I sit on the floor
Weeping my loss
Shutting my door

I feel the space
Now open, exposed
My tongue seeks in ernest
My fingers are posed

Wait…….Now I smile
My turn is not done
Another is loose
To mom, now I run

Look I shout
3.50's a lot
But next time you watch
I'll buy you a yacht

And look at this tooth
All shiny and straight
Wiggle, Wiggle
Beside that empty space of a mate

Next time I'll catch her
And keep her with me
Show and Tell is the object
Oh…..wait till they see

Mom only smiles
Nodding her head
Patting her pocket
And making my bed!

Copyright © 2000, Trina Zacharias