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He looks at her with admiration
Then her and her and her........
Why does this upset my core?
Why does he always long for more?

I hate the pictures saved right here
The poses, shapes and ivory skin
Those legs, that ass, those perky breasts
Inadequate, and living tests.

My mind tells me, Iím insecure
And that thereís no base for my fear
Itís normal, male hormone glitch
So why do I hate every witch?

I look, I like, so why not him?
How can I say that itís not right
When I admire, just as much
And yearn, desire for their touch!

Unrealistic is my wish
Beauty blind, a devotee
To see all others not as prey
Eyes on me, never to stray

Realistically I dread
Beauty comes in all itís forms
I would not like these blinders on
And be married to such a pawn

Devotion there, I do know this
Desire stifled, feelings hurt
Iím the one who he neglects?
Self esteem, my mirror reflects!

Copyright © 2000, Trina Zacharias