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© 2000 Steve Hanks

My life is filled with sorrow and pain
beyond my grasp.
To see a bird so far, so high,
no understanding of it's flight.

Why does laughter follow a crowd
 and music make me dance?
Scream, yell, louder, louder.
My song, softer, why?
Hear me, I'm alive!

I'm secure, I'm free.
To fly without falling, to land on cushions
of warmth and softness.
Wrapped in a blanket.
To belong!

They come to see me perform,
I do my best.
So tired, can't think.
Confused, where is shelter?
They are so big. I look for them.
There they are, like always.
I'm safe!

At night I remember.
The unknown, the wonder, the adventure,
the noise and them.
How do they know me?
How do I know them?
I sleep!

Wrapped in comfort, I awake.
I see her, touch her, smell her.
There he is. He smiles.
Love, I feel it. A new day.

So curious I am.
To attempt, try and again.
I fail, then succeed. They stop me.
Why? Let me be. I am Me!

Copyright © 1999-2000, Trina Zacharias