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Perishable equations, a filter of demise.
Creations so unworthy befitting of a crown.
Enlightened past the realm of hope.
Relationships I dare not quote.

A fantasy unfolds.........................

Obstacles do block the path.
Pretenses penetrate the cracks.
Religious thoughts do harbor near.
Doubts are high, upcoming fear!

Beauty roams above the trees.
A budding new desire grows.
Flowers bloom, the dew is clear.
Unleashed reflection in a mirror.

Destiny, above, beyond
A camouflage under the rose
To see, to be, a world unknown
The lost, the found, the stepping stone

Quantity is not the key
Releasement can not justify
Begin, begun a journey quest.
Until I'm there I will not rest!

Copyright © 1999-2000, Trina Zacharias