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True to Me

Equations of the soul
Elapsed time unfolds
Needs, desires, wants of me
Protection always guaranteed

A scene of noble gestures lie
Good intentions placed up high
A periscope inside my head
Judging if there's things to dread

An arm, surrounds my being whole
Constricted air, no room to grow
Restricted journeys, thoughts at bay
Things I'll never do or say

Lucky maybe, maybe not
Behaviors that are learnt not taught
Rebel, dispute, I fight for air
And go to where I have only dared

Trust me to make some mistakes
To explore my mind and space
To be or not the one I've dreamed
And take a course laid out by me

Appreciate the sentiment
Sorry for the resentment
I need to be true to the one
Who I wake to with each new sun

Copyright © 1999-2000, Trina Zacharias