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The Path

Basking sunshine reigns, my body a symbol of hope
Yearning everlasting dreams. A time not yet come
Gleaming stars at dusk.  Turning into dawn.
Days come rapidly, a new one follows close
Nothing on the horizon, acceptance is a must.

Today I choose another. A path not in the stars.
I choose to make a dream alive and now make it my own
The right one, now , the only block
Caution still upon the brain. Attitude to chance
I leap and jump ahead today, To land a world unknown

Maybe, could this be the one? To make me come alive?
Connection is the key I yearn, the one to make me sigh!
The days have stopped and now won't come.
The waiting game, the evil zone that kills the soul.
Alive to make each contact count.

The dare, the hope, the dream, the key
The one who brings me to my knees.
I dare not look another step, destiny decides the rest
The time to turn back up is right now
Glad I really don't know how!

Copyright © 1999-2000, Trina Zacharias