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Copyright © 2000,
 Trina Zacharias

She Was There

Knee high the earliest memory and she was there.
To guide, to lead, to take my hand.
Wrapped in her arms, I was safe.

With gravity pulling, up I grew......through hard times.
She was there.

A distance grew, a wisdom grew , an understanding grew.
She was there!

The day of bells, will not forget......the walk to change all the rest.
The closest of all did attend, at the front........she was there!

Four days, alot to have just one.
Exhausted, drained, a little scared.
The one who now would be my heir. She was there!

The years past fast.....the wall does fall.
Respect and love replace them all. She was there!

Many lessons: Life and love!
Some by example, some just watched!
Some experienced, some just taught! She was there!

A heart of pure untainted thoughts, for four of us, such a gift!
Concern, compassion's, wishes, dreams!
Generous, a helping hand! My Mom.........She was there!

And Mom..............I'm here for you!