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A dark shadow slowly moves through the shallow abyss
Incredible beauty surrounding each side
Lush green shrubbery, plush with an abundance of violet dense flowers
Peaked granite frames the scene complete

The heat is overpowering
Deadly dry soil line his feet
However his path continues
Working relentlessly and untiring

A mighty looming presence fills the sky above
Rhythmic noise approaches with the unknown
With an intense force, water fills the shallow grave
Fighting for air, he's swept away

Scrambling and clawing he grasps a swaying branch
His grip determined and unyielding
The water quickly evaporates into the newly moisten soil
The sky reopens as the presence and the rhythmic beat drift off into the distance

Retracing his steps, he scurries around muddied puddles
Finishing, he heads towards a familiar hill
The guards nod their greeting of approval
Into the cave of many, he enters

Through a maze of curved tunnels he steadily descends
It's organizational structure astounding
All inside are busy with movement and purpose
Each fulfilling their part in the production of the “Ant Dance Song”

This workaholic is home!

Copyright © 2001, Trina Zacharias