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A Chip Off The Old Block

Remembering his roots
The mighty towers of neighbors
Soft lushes grasses, full dense shrubbery
Soaring birds of all size, color and variety
The warmth of the Sun's rays
Scurrying soft rodents busy at work
Peck..tap..tap of the determined Woodpecker

Now he lies here
Motionless, armless, rootless
Packed like sardines
His comrades in darkness

Light streams in as the murk opens
Chubby fingers reach in
He is escorted to a mechanical coffin
Then removed

Pointed at his bleached brother
His new inners bleed
Not blood or crimson red,
But blacků.charcoal

Hours later, he's lifted
Pride wells!
Now seeing his journey hadn't ended,
But only begun...

A creation on lines,
spots and shadows
A graphic illusion of depth and imagination

The now familiar chubby fingers
guide him back to retire
Home in his pencil case,
he tells the tale of creation!

Copyright © 2001, Trina Zacharias