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Peaceful serenity cascades over his sleek translucent body
Descending the baptismal mystic stairs to a murky heaven
Gracefully he cuts through this proverbial abyss,
towards the familiar swaying dance of the inviting kelp

Deep unexplored caves and twisting caverns shelter and protect our beast
Winding endlessly under the city, he lives undetected and undisturbed
The bottomless sands a blanket of guarded safety

Occasionally the kaleidoscope of colors from above, call to him
The surface is broken

Providing timeless legends, curiosity and tributes
Stories passed from generation to generation

Theories of science
Sightings of hope

But Ogie always eludes those 2 legged mammals
Unaware of his spectacle, he returns home

A tale for future followers
Today's living fantasy

Copyright © 2002, Trina Zacharias