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My Haiku

In swaying branches
His eyes reflect sweet sadness
A home in distress
Invincible here
Alive to nature's magic
Powerful and free
Free flowing river
Destination still unclear
With purpose he writes
She leans into him
His arm embraces her whole
Flash, a moment froze
The deadly full pack
The addiction pulls me in
Warnings go unheard
A fork in the path
One well used or less traveled?
Destiny awaits
It enters the world
A budding new addition
Will any notice?
White feathered pillow
A cotton covered blanket
Scene of sleepy snow
Complete perfection
A petaled moment captured
Frozen in this moment
The heavens beckon
The divine far from our sight
The after awaits
The fence a gateway
For beyond, the afterlife
Our destined beauty
Bonded with child
This still scene against a scene
Natures true wonder

Copyright © 2000-2001, Trina Zacharias