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My Haiku 2

Two grazing horses
A symbolic tree between
Two parts of a whole
Walking a bright path
Those seven fire torches
Waving down to me
Gleam rolls off the waves
Of the distant setting sun
Sand between my toes
Streaking far above
No world flood, the message
Colorful promise
Two worlds collide
Withered hand reaching union
Casting seeds downstream
A white waterfall
Her face the sensual pond
Left to wonder free
The aged looking down
A watchful eye on the youth
Marveled beauty grows
The perfect accent
A streaming row of scarlet
Hiding all that's drab
The path well traveled
Embraced by sweet greenery
A road free and clear
Living oasis
Fantasy lagoon resort
Tropical desire
Lined up in a row
Each an individual
Standing by the road
Nectar of the gods
Drink oh mighty butterfly
Refresh your beauty

Copyright © 2001, Trina Zacharias