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My Haiku 3

Long head held up high
Peering at the dim-lit sky
For your mates return
Reflect in a mirror
Our complex exterior
Ripple from within
The sturdy steeple
Attacked by salty waters
Proud and triumphant
The merging heavens
A spectacle of color
Relish in it's light
Alien with wings
A piercing sound, follows him
The dragonfly song
Bridge of destiny
One of many decisions
The path continues
Intense crimson streaks
Endless brush strokes through the sky
A priceless painting
In the tangled mass
A twisted twig spider web
Life within the dead
Parted arms reaching
A lightening strike long past
Survival conquered
Incredible view
Perched high in floating space
Escalating peace
Today's farewell wave
Descending from the painted sky
A promised new day
Safe, secure and free
Under watchful Daddy eyes
Teacher and mentor
Magnificent beast
Splendid in your lazy pose
White striped slumber sleep
~Red Bird ~
Wings of an angel
A scarlet, feathered wonder
Descending for rest
A swipe of heaven
Erasing the dark of night
Gods canvas of life
Light in the tunnel
Searing rays through the black storm
Stairs to the beyond
Through darkening clouds
Shines a guiding light of hope
A promise of peace

Copyright © 2001-2002, Trina Zacharias