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Social Disorder

Rules!  The tightly woven fabric of society
Nothing escapes its watchful penetrating eye

Businesses disguise them
Criminals detest them
Governments derive them
While courts assess them

The schools enforce them
Language requires them
And children thrive on them
While they despise them

Drivers daily test them
Animals obey them
Relationships build on them
Only to shatter them

Imagine the disorder
The chaos in our days
Without those rules for structure
Such total disarray

We champion to protect them
And die for what they say
Freedoms what we call it
Unlikely as it's name

For what really is the difference
Each country has their own
Mutiny is found in all
Not one, does stand alone

We fight each one we fall upon
At work, at home, at play
And if you don't believe me
Just watch some folks one day

They make their way across a lot
The crosswalk, feet away
And scorn the one who honks his horn
Pretending not to know they've strayed

Rules are meant to be broken
Oh, so you'll here them say
And then they'll make there own ones
A hypocrite's parade

Copyright © 2002, Trina Zacharias