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A Mothers Fury

Champion of all mothers!
She took on the God's by storm.
The world fell at their knees,
to their Mother Earth,
who's mood could
reek havoc or harvest

Farmers prayed to
the gods for help.
Zues heard and trembled.
Demeter's incredible anger and grief,
due to her stolen child
caused mass destruction.
Retribution must be paid!

The gods crumbled in defeat.
The world fell still!
As Core returns to Demeter,
(mother earth and protector)
famines turn into feasts
But come winter feel her wrath
Forever to follow, her missing beloved! messed with the wrong lady!

Copyright © 2002, Trina Zacharias

Greek Mythology
Demeter's name means "mother earth" and is the Goddess of the Harvest. Demeter is probably best known as the grieving mother of Core, who was fathered by Zeus. When Core was a child, Hades conspired with her father, Zeus. He wanted to take her to the underworld to be his queen, and Zeus agreed. When Demeter found out that her daughter had been kidnapped by Hades and taken to the underworld, she was heartbroken, and the world reflected her sorrow as everything withered and died and grew dark. She searched and searched for Core without luck, and locked herself in her temple vowing that nothing would grow and man would go hungry until her daughter was returned. All the gods pleaded with her to yield, but she refused until Zeus finally had no choice but to order Hades to return the maiden, but only for part of the year since she had eaten the food of the dead. Four months of the year, when winter is upon us, Core returns to Tartarus and is known as Persephone, queen of the underworld.