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The piercing arrow hit the apple with tremendous force
Perfect in its execution, the apple splits flawlessly in two
Exposing the true inner wonders and secrets of the core
Too delightful and delicious not too be shared.

The expert marksman readies to fire again!

Copyright © 2002, Trina Zacharias

Greek Mythology
The Greek god of love and sexual desire. He was one first gods to emerge from primeval Chaos and is considered to be one of the eldest gods. In more recent mythology, Eros is the son of Aphrodite and Ares, and one of the younger deities. He is represented as a playful, winged boy with a bow and arrows. He wounds both gods and men with his unerring and irresistible arrows of desire. His arrows come in two sets: golden arrows with dove feathers for love, and leaden arrows with owl feathers for indifference.