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Psyche's Love

Men viewed her for worship, not wife
Women green with envy, flowed with spite
Aphrodite's wrath hung over her head
Destined now to death, or for the oracle said

The god of love was witness, to her fate that day
And took this flawless women in his home to stay
He sat upon his arrow, and opened up his heart
To only be repaid by trickery, not trust

But the arrow pierced not one, but two
And Psyche had been struck down
She fought for her love to return
Risking it all, her life to burn

But mighty Zeus...compassion took
A goddess Psyche shall be
Never to leave Eros side
Oh, what a love story

Copyright © 2002, Trina Zacharias

Greek Mythology
Psyche is the daughter of a queen and king who have two other beautiful daughters but Psyche’s beauty is unsurpassed. People even dare to compare her beauty to that of Aphrodite.
Soon enough Psyche’s sisters are married but no one dares to ask for Psyche’s hand in marriage because she is so gorgeous that people look upon her as a goddess. From Olympus Aphrodite looks upon the whole situation with disdain. Why should a mortal woman be the peer of a goddess?
The parents go to the Oracle of Delphi for counsel. The oracle replies to the parents that Psyche is to sacrificed to a horrible monster. Nothing is to be done, one must follow the advice of an oracle. Psyche is clothed in a wedding gown and brought to the mountain where she is to be sacrificed. They leave Psyche there to sit and dry her tears in her bridal veil all alone.
Suddenly Psyche feels a warm breeze that takes her to a valley of flowers, with a green meadow and a calm spring. Midst it all stands a magnificent castle that no mortal men could have ever built. When she enters the castle, unseen riches appear before her as the most pleasant voice says: "All this is yours, sit down at the table and eat". And then a exquisite banquet appears.
When night comes, Psyche settles in a bed of ivory and the light is blown out. A warm breeze arrives once more and Psyche finds herself in the arms of her lover. She cannot see him, only hear his loving voice and feel his warm embrace. This occurs several time and Psyche is quite content with her situation, being waited on hand and foot during the day and savoring the warm embrace of her lover at night.