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Dancing for creations
She molded the wind
Wrapped in it's warmth
The golden egg was laid

Hatched, the earth spilt forth
Perfect and populated
Far above she oversees
her pride of tomorrow

Copyright © 2002, Trina Zacharias

Greek Mythology
Eurynome, the mother of all things in the Pelasgian creation myth, which gets its name from the first human she created, Pelasgus. Eurynome arose from Chaos and immediately divided the sea from the heavens. She playfully danced upon the newly-created waves and turned to embrace the north wind. Through this union was born the serpent Ophion, who then coiled around Eurynome giving his seed. Taking the form of a dove, Eurynome laid the Universal Egg and had Ophion break it open. Out of the shell flew all living and unliving things.  At this point the Mother ascended to Mt. Olympus and began to watch her children take shape.