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The Living Canvas

He maps out his vision
Each instrument set out in precise
placement and direction

The flesh before him is bare
Cold with anticipation
With a swift wipe the skin displays its texture to the chill
Reaching for his tool, he takes a deep cleansing breath
The glimmer of steel reflects bright glowing speckles on the far wall
He punctures the living tissue, moving rapidly and rhythmically
Cherry ripe red blood smears and mixes with his creativity
Quickly wiped aside, he continues…

One turns into many hours
He is one with his tool
Absorbed into the variety of colors and shapes
His soul saturated into this visual expression
With the finale insight
He adds his distinctive trademarks, displaying an unmistakable style
Reveling in satisfaction on his completed work
It's wrapped for the pending unveiling

The living canvas rises
Artistry displayed through a breathing gallery of many
Branded,  She pays for her tattoo!

Copyright © 2001, Trina Zacharias