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Unconditional Love

He leaves me each day…Alone!
With the hum from the box,
I await his return
The voices, little comfort,  
for it's not him.

He returns as always.
With little more than a grunt,
I am escorted outside.
Again I wait.
When permission is granted
I will be privileged to be in his presence

Water, food and shelter
give me health and stability
Though I need none of these.
Only him!  Only his soul!

With a gesture of his hand
I am permitted in

Ordered to sit…I obey!
Anxious for his affection,
I rebel…approaching him.
He ignores my advances.
I'm crushed.

I lie down….desolate.
Craving only warmth,
comfort and his affection
Hours pass…

I abruptly awaken
A distant echo nearby
I voice my awareness to the noise
Condemned for my interruption,
I am once again cast out.

Later he joins me
My broken spirit rises
As does my need for him
Dancing and spinning,
I approach him
Head down,
awaiting rejection.

With firm commands
the orders are spoken
Eagerly I do his bidding!
Awaiting dutiful praise!

Finally my efforts are rewarded.
With a calm and affectionate hand
He caresses my back
Moving upward
My ears are playfully fondled
I look deep into his eyes
Seeing only my all powerful
and mighty love….my master!

Inside we settle
His arm around me
Grateful, content and devoted
I snuggle close,
absorbing his heat
My tail wagging with deep satisfaction

Copyright © 2001, Trina Zacharias