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A Drop In The Well

My fingers walk the pages of my thoughts,
delighting the sensations and enlightening my mind, enforcing the desires of the deep and hidden to appear.
Not me,
not separate,
a whole now tapped complete.
Creative juices flowing, exasperated emotions,
dismissal and denial.
Fear, anger, solace, sweet.
Free to express the words,
those left behind unsaid for diplomacy hinders,
and conscious forbids.

Here is the bucket, that dips in the well.
The rocks a shield to the life outside,
the rope the link, the water the memory.
Raise the bucket......the bucket filled slight.
A portion of the pond,
exposed to take,
to drink,
to wash.
Precious thoughts here to express on
canvas, words or song.......a gift to those
who choose to hear,
and take a drop this far.

Copyright © 2000, Trina Zacharias