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My Unborn

Projecting darkness surrounds my whole.
Unleashing my lite to grow in height.
Connections beginning, flickers and sparks.
Fluttering eyes without any sight.

A life attached, without my demise.
No purpose, no will, only now to survive.
A wall, so secure a maze of delight.
Constricting yet flexing although its alive.

A beat, no a thump, a miniature drum.
Movement abound, perpetual space.
A soul within, without spice.
Grow without reason. Move without grace.

Churning with desires, I know not of.
Feelings overwhelming, thoughts unrevised.
Wholeness and completeness.
No desire for unknowns, awareness has arised.

Sounds alive, I process not, accepting all as apart.
Separation is unknown, undesired, unbehold.
There is a light
I lost the battle, lost the fight.
Ready now I am to die.

Have no hope, none is found.
Let me go now, let me go quick.
So heavy, so cold.
This must be the end.
I grasp out for life and breathed it in.

I hear home, familiar and sweet.
Now wrapped in its comfort, complete
Alone, yet apart. Separate, together!
New life and new thoughts!

Copyright © 1999-2000, Trina Zacharias