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Hidden deep inside the fruit
A wonderful sweet outer shell
A color rich with fire
Protecting your desire

Picked by hand
This wondrous crop
Too delicate to trust
It's urgency a must

Inside a secret treasure
As rich in need as gold
Precious then most metal
This neatly molded petal

Combined and dried
Aroma filled,
To heat
And pop, and pop and age
Now begins a glorious page

By air,
By boat
From them, to you
From you, to me
In my home, always to be

Hard and brittle all in one
A golden bean, oil a gleam
Many kinds, a world apart
All distinct right from the start

A handful I hold in my hand
Water now, the pure and true
Careful now the grind a key
Delightful odor floats to me

A million cups or more I guess
But now this one to me the best
A slurp, a sip, a swirl, a must
Exotic in both taste and touch

My coffee cup now empty, gone
Good thing it won't be for long
My steeping cup, worth the pay
What a way to start my day

Copyright © 1999-2000, Trina Zacharias