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Not Me

A goddess in mind, so beautiful inside
Unflawed, unblemished, a person to confide
Honest warnings, go unheard
Accept a dream without a word

Floating high, feet off the ground
Elated spirits, leaps and bound
Judgment fleeting, heart unguarded
Expectations of what has started

A shattered dream, complete withdrawal
Reality, has come to call
Confusion sets, a goddess not
A face to face, a lesson taught

Actions do, the body tells
Unspoken thoughts, a wall that spells
Disappointment, me to you
Truly don't know what to do

My worst fear, the one I dread
Has now hit me upside the head
Self esteem, my personal hell
Wounds do heal, will not dwell

Guilty feelings in my wear
For you are one I truly care
Couldn't protect you from the fall
Fantasy, not safe for all

Sorry, that I could not be
What you needed then from me
Alot still waiting, a scene not done
From day to day, with each new sun.

Copyright © 1999-2000, Trina Zacharias