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He stretches out and takes a yawn,
Enjoys the sun on my front lawn.
A roll, an itch, oh good, it's gone,
No concept of what's right or wrong.

A bowl, a dish, a cozy bed,
A home to always rest his head.
A leader not to be mislead,
Without a care, not to dread.

A chase, a mouse, now there's a game,
Where no two chases are the same.
A running movie - frame by frame,
And instincts that cannot be tame'd

A dog, now there is a dumb beast,
All that work, for what? A feast!
Tricks and orders, mount like yeast,
And in return they ask the least.

To run to jump, to climb a tree.
To see the world I cannot see.
Yes, a cat's life is the life for me.
Independent and worry free!

Copyright © 1999-2000, Trina Zacharias